Sarah, Shaun & Sue’s My Story

Have you ever seen Agatha Christie’s “Mousetrap”? If so you will know that after curtain call the audience are respectfully asked to keep the ending secret. By doing so the play retains an air of mystery and surprise for future audiences. Our Cursillo weekend was much the same. No “spoilers” here!

Mist-erious… huh!

Three members of our Church (Sue, Sarah and Shaun) were part of the recent Cursillo weekend, tucked away in a beautiful house in the Surrey countryside. Our neighbours were sheep (very apt!), our passers-by were horses. The weekend offered us all the chance to temporarily relinquish responsibility for our day to day lives in favour of dedicating time to developing our spiritual awareness … and oh my goodness what a weekend! Many, MANY surprises were unveiled – all very touching, welcome and appreciated.

We also learnt some Spanish words, about Keith’s love for sweets, met new brothers and sisters in Christ. We laughed, cried, sang, ooo-d and arrr-d and there was at least more than one ‘wow’! You need a bit of stamina to keep up during the weekend but it is so well organised it’s easy to be swept along – although on more than one occasion we could empathise with Maria from the Sound of Music (when she grabs her wimple and rushes off to Chapel, desperate not to be late – again!). The hospitality is incredible but do wear your eating trousers and be prepared to see the biggest selection of tea bags imaginable!

I can see clearly now…

Thank you to the members of Cursillo within St Symphorian’s and the congregation for your prayers before, during and after our weekend away – you were the icing on the cake (and there was lots of cake!).

The Cursillo experience. It’s not a secret, it’s a weekend full of surprises, love and encouragement. If you’re in the slightest bit interested please, PLEASE talk to James, Helena or any Cursillista for more information and a leaflet (but don’t believe Keith for one moment if he tells you it’s a relaxing retreat with sauna and spa facilities). Ultreya!

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