Judy’s Poem

An Everyday prayer which I wrote on the Embrace retreat: ‘Praying with the Celtic Saints’

At the retreat we were asked to write a prayer for an everyday situation. I know that when I am at my computer it is a time that I do not remain focused on Christ (!!) and when my computer is doing its normal “Windows glitching” and I am about to throw it out of the window I needed a prayer… so I wrote the following ( with God’s help):

As I sit here in front of screen

And enter into worlds unseen

Keep my focus on you, dear Lord

Impatient frustration I can ill afford.


Keep me centred, calm and still

May this work be to your Will

And if I sense your call to go

May I, with pleasure, simply flow.


Along with you and stop and stare

Knowing that “later” is always there

If you are in my work, I’ll know

Your glory, from it, will be on show.


At the Ultreya I mentioned this prayer and the situation I wrote it for and was asked if I would put it on the website. I offer it to you and pray it will stop you from tearing your head out or throwing your computer across the room!!!!


Judy Short

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