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Welcome to our new web page dedicated to those Cursillistas whose lives have been wonderfully changed even transformed after the experiences and all the love that poured out on their Cursillo weekend. If after reading these moments of personal witness, you’re still not sure if Cursillo is for you… then click here for some of the reactions from others who took the plunge, and made their Cursillo! Please scroll down, happy reading.

We would love to hear your story… the story of your faith journey, or perhaps how making your Cursillo has affected your life. Will you click ‘n share your ‘My Story’ with our readers?

Pat’s My Story

Jackie’s My Story

Judy’s reflection on the York National Ultreya 2016

Helen’s My Story

Linda’s My Story

Janice’s Witness Talk

Judy’s Poem: An Everyday Prayer

Shirley’s Reflection on PP2

Sarah, Shaun & Sue’s My Story

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