Gifts Stall: Gifts & Homeware

 Blue butterfly trivet 
 Glass tree plate  
  Boxed box of 30 scripture cards £5 
 ‘Tulip’ candle stand £5 
 Butterfly espresso mugs £2 each 
  Make up/ wash  bag with butterfly motif £2 
 Stone candle holder £2 Candle not included! 
 Small pottery bell 
 Seed book with cottage garden plants 
 3 glass angels holding … a heart, a tree and a book 
 Woollen ‘bobble hats’ ideal for a small gift. Holds a single Lindt chocolate ‘ball’. Each one is different and depends on wool available 
 Tea towel – hand embroidered with a cross design 
 Ladies handkerchief – ladies handkerchief hand embroidered with a cross motif 
 Knitted cross keyrings – various colours depending on the wool available. These are available with or without the keyring. Ideal lightweight gifts to send through the post 
 Butterfly wall hangings – wooden butterflies with an ‘eye’ at the back to hand on the wall. (Inside would be best as they would succumb to the weather) 
  NEW butterfly cutters – ideal for biscuits or pastry. 3 different  butterfly cutters in this set. Every Ultreya! needs biscuits! 
 Butterfly kite – don’t know what to do with the children (or grandchildren)? Take this tiny kite out on a windy day and enjoy seeing it fly about. Ideal for even the smallest of gardens 
 Butterfly shaped candles – small butterfly shaped candles (would fit inside a tea light holder) all shades of blue 
 Glow butterfly stickers – Glow in the dark butterflied with small stickers on the back to light you to the bathroom in the night! 
  Prayer in a tin – small pencil and notepad in a tin designed for you to write your prayers, blessings and petitions down as and when 
  Knitted hearts – different colours depending on wool available. Each heart is hand knitted and can be attached to a keyring. Others have long ends so that the heart can be hung 
 Knitted crackers – if you want to give a small gift at Christmas, wrapping them can be tricky. Not anymore! They cute knitted crackers are ideal for the small gift. Each cracker is different depending on wool available and sizing depends on wool too 
 Tea light holder with rainbow tea lights – arched tea light holder containing 6 different coloured tea lights. Ideal table or window decoration. 

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