What is Cursillo?

Have you ever wondered what God’s plan is for you?

Do you sometimes wish God would just send a text or email?

Are you excited at what the Holy Spirit might have in store for you?

Then read on… Many Christian people like you have asked themselves the same questions, and for many, taking part in a Cursillo weekend has given them a wonderful glimpse of ‘what next’. A Cursillo weekend is actually a 3 day discipleship course which begins at tea time on Thursday evening and finishes at tea time on Sunday afternoon… so already you know that there will be a lots of tea & coffee!

After settling in and finding your room, there’s plenty of time to get to know the other pilgrims before we sit down for an evening meal. Then the leader for the weekend will introduce the team and give you a preamble of what will happen next. During the course of the weekend there will be daily acts of worship, meditations, talks, time for reflection and times for sharing. And just so that you know, we will normally enter a time of quiet during Thursday evening, which breaks at breakfast on Friday morning.

You will spend the weekend working together in small groups listening and responding to 5 meditations and 15 talks given by clergy and laity, if this sounds a little arduous… click here and take a look at the Testimonials page to see what some of our pilgrims had to say!

There will be plenty of opportunities to sing, plenty of tea & coffee, plenty of good food to sustain you. All we ask, is that you ‘Let go, and let God’.

So, “Where do I start” I hear you say… click on this link and find out more!

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