What our Cursillistas say

Butterflies floating (horiz)

“We haven’t been here 24 hours yet, and I’m blown away by all this!”

“There isn’t a word to describe it, it’s like an avalanche of love”

“For the first time this weekend, I am speechless!”

“My Cursillo weekend really showed God’s love at work. I returned home feeling strengthened to face whatever lay ahead, knowing that God was in charge and that I was loved”

“Humbling, wonderful, life changing, and amazing, to say nothing of the surprises!”

“I do not find it easy to meet new people but the consideration and help I received made my life and enjoyment of the weekend exceed my Expectations”

“Thank you to everyone for everything during the Cursillo weekend, it was just amazing and unforgettable”

“Abundance… in fellowship, love, caring, teaching, healing ministry and fun”

“I am truly grateful for the prayer support and for the loving company you and all of Chichester #25 gave so generously this weekend. I have felt stronger to face the difficulties because of the love shared in Wychcroft”

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