DDU – Day of Deeper Understanding

Have you got the Fourth Day Blues? The Day of Deeper Understanding (DDU) might be what you need… it is intended to help us Cursillistas deepen our faith by gaining a better understanding of the Cursillo method. The day involves a series of talks and workshops that help those taking part to understand more deeply some of the talks that we heard on our Cursillo 3 Day Weekend, and generally help us along the way. The DDU is normally held a few months after a weekend and is open and available to any Cursillista who feels that they want to know more… is that you?

Wonderful… then head on over to the front page take a quick look at the Calendar links to see if there is a DDU coming up soon. If not, then click here to get in touch with us. Then, if  you’re not already signed up, and when you’re ready to – please go to the home page and ‘Sign up’ to the web site, so we can keep you up to date with all that we get up to.

Are you in a Group Reunion in your area? If not, then please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and help you find one that suits you. Or, if you haven’t done one, why not come to a DDU and let’s start from there!

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