Cursillo and Me?

We have tried to explain what Cursillo ‘is’ – what is harder to convey is just how effective it is.  Many who ‘make their Cursillo’ come away energized in their faith and eager, and we trust better equipped, to become even more active Disciples of Christ.

Cursillo is of course one among many discipleship courses.  But Cursillo is not just about the weekend, it is about forming a pattern of discipleship which continues back in parish life – this is where Cursillo comes into its own. So, whether you are clergy or laity, God may be calling you to take this next step of faith.

Many people and parishes in our Diocese have been blessed through Cursillo. Our hope and prayer is that this may continue as more people feel encouraged to seek God’s will in their lives by ‘making their Cursillo’.

If you would like more information, please do get in touch by clicking here.

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