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Dear Fellow Cursillistas,
Cursillo songbook 1 seems to have been popular and served us well. However the copies we have left – some lost along the way – are showing signs of age! So, with your help I’d like to get ready to print a new one.
As we all know, although our maroon hymn book is a great resource, many of the older well known and loved hymns are not included.
So, the challenge is to create a new booklet of ‘Old & New’ that will continue to be a supplement to the maroon hymn book, NOT a replacement.

Please would you send me some hymn or song titles that you know are: Still useful today; reasonably well known; and that would enrich our repertoire of worship.
Are there some old favourite hymns that we can’t sing because they don’t appear in either of our books?
We can’t guarantee all choices will be be shortlisted and make the final edit, but if we can all offer something, it would be much appreciated.

You are welcome to email ideas directly to me at splucas1@….. or webadmin from the Contact us page and ideally please provide the first line and author if you know it.

Best wishes & Ultreya!

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