New Leaflet & New Web Mail

Dear Fellow Cursillistas,
We are very happy to tell you that the NEW Chichester Cursillo leaflet is now available for you to pass on to potential Pilgrims! You will see that there is room on the back page to add your own contact details to each leaflet you hand out. If you would like a good handful of leaflets – please email us via the Contact us page or email Stephen directly… Time is pressing on towards Chichester#29 so let’s start those conversations, and get those near you fired up.
Web Mail:
You may or may not have noticed that the Chichester Cursillo web mail has not been working as it should. Some updates have caused problems with the Contact us part of the web site.
The future of Chichester Cursillo  literally hinges on our ability to communicate with potential Pilgrims.
There is now just a single web mail address which is selectable from the Contact us page, which from here on shall be the singular means of sending email messages via the web site, which is:
All other web mail accounts still exist, but have been suspended… which is why email sent to those old addresses will either bounce back, or not get answered now.
From now on, all email sent to ‘Enquiries’ will be forwarded to one of Stephen’s gmail accounts, which will then be forwarded to the appropriate person(s).
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I hope all this makes sense, let me know if not.
Best wishes

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