Chichester Cursillo needs YOU…

Dear Fellow Cursillistas, we are now entering an even more exciting time in the promotion of Cursillo. We are renewing our relationships with the Diocese who have committed to help us raise the profile of Cursillo – in the diocese – as a part its Mission & Ministry.

So, we are sending this request in the hope that you might ask the question: How can I help?

Here are some of the things we ask you to keep doing to encourage the people around you to make their Cursillo:

  • Check if you have a Porch Poster on your church notice board – if not, click here to download and print one.
  • Share a moment from your weekend with someone in your pew (but perhaps keep it brief… leave them wanting to know more)
  • Give each person who shows interest a copy of the new leaflet – make sure you add your name & number on the back! (let Stephen know if you need copies!)
  • Direct them to the web site to download a Part A form – or perhaps download and print it for them.
  • Invite them to the Ultreya at Kirdford on 3rd March 2018.
  • Write a small article in your Parish Magazine, not sure how to start? Then feel free to use (copy ‘n paste) the preamble set out below and simply add a special moment from your own weekend.
  • If you are on Facebook, why not ‘Share’ the posts coming out on the Chichester Cursillo fb with all your friends.


Cursillo is a method within the Church that begins with a 3 day course on discipleship. It challenges, surprises and delights us as we take a fresh look at our journey of faith. And then after the weekend – what some describe as a ‘springboard to new life in Christ’… ‘an avalanche of love’ – Cursillo offers ongoing support through small groups in your own Parish. Cursillo was gifted to the Chichester Diocese in 2000 and is very much a part of the Mission & Ministry of the diocese. Cursillo continues to use words from its Spanish roots which all adds to its colour and charm. We’re a happy bunch, we enjoy and long to share the fun and fellowship. The heart of Cursillo is Clergy and Laity working together; sharing God’s love with everyone.

You might like to end your piece with words such as…

Do you feel there’s something more? Are you ready to take your next step of faith? Why not talk to _ _ _ _ _ and ask them for a leaflet. We’re booking NOW for the next Cursillo weekend coming up 31st May – 3rd June 2018.

Thank you for all you are doing.

With much love & prayer.


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  1. Stephen

    Oops… I just remembered that I have disabled copy & paste from the web site. So you would like a copy of the Preamble please let me know by sending me an email


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